Our recent works


Trading support solution

Was developed to help user make decisions during trading financial market. System is constantly scanning what is happening in the market. It alerts the user when something is happening in the market and pinpoints entry and exit opportunities. With its versatile capabilities it empowers the trader in their decisions making.
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Trading analyzing tools

Our client is a Trading Desk who daily works with big amount of market data.
For that purpose, they need various tools to gather, store and analyze information.
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Truck company

Truck transportation company

Logistics, ERP system
System provides ability to store all destination points in database. Operator can plan trips according to trucks location, their load level and drivers schedule. This system is intended to optimize fuel expenses, track driver’s work schedule and calculate salary accordingly.
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Automated trading system

Trading, automation
The purpose of this product was to create system that can trade in financial market in two modes : automated and manual.
When system is in automated mode system makes decisions based on internal analysis of financial market and customizable strategies/rules for risk management.
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Number plates recognition

Automated number plates recognition system

Artificial intelligence, automation
Automation Number Plates Recognizing System is desktop based system that helps in search of offenders. It was developed for police department. Police officers were driving with camera streaming video to application. Systems recognize number plates of cars and check if this car has some issues. Database of offenders had daily synchronization with a police main office.
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Dental laboratory

Dental lab

ERP system
Web site for presenting and managing dental laboratory works. Administrator is able to add/edit/delete services provided. Manage users and materials.
User can register into system and access personal cabinet. In this cabinet user can add orders on different services, track their status, configure mailing service to get notified when order status is changed.
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Family songs

Startup : platform for exchanging music sheets

Automation, ERP system
This system is a try to create similar platform as upwork for freelancers but for musicians. Here people can exchange their music, learn from other people and provide any music related service.
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