Sometimes it happens that client has an idea of the project but doesn't know which technologies to use,how it should look like or how to make this idea better.Breskul can help on each stage of development process of the product to achieve best result.

Building scallable solutions allow to extend system whenever client want to increase performance of the system without any redesign the architecture and code rewriting.

Nowadays it is very important for web system to be user friendly and have intuitive user interface as it simplyfies interaction with system for end user.

Breskul can investigate your business software and help you to improve it from security,functional,performance point of view.

Client can always be assured that all technologies and code written is high quality and there will not be problems for other developers to maintain it or extend its functiality.

All clients that work with Breskul are protected by NDA and there is strict corporate policy applied to omit any sensitive information leaks.


We are able to cover whole development process starting from discussing functionality and best UI/UX practices to running system in production and provide constant support of live system.







Our main focus is to provide best approach in solving our client's needs and goals.

Breskul has big experience in creating complex,high load web systems for different scenarios.

We are result oriented company and our goal is to make our client's business better and more successfull.

Whole team has great communication skills and good-speaking English. So it is easy for us to work with clients as part of their team or create for them separate solutions from scratch.